Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flyers in Palo Alto

I started this morning as I'm used to start my mornings in Palo Alto. With a double espresso at Starbucks.
But later on I started passing out my flyers for our startup and its product Venture Poster in Downtown Palo Alto. I went from office to office, from start-up companies like Facebook to venture capital firms like Garage Technology Ventures and to cafes and restaurants on University Avenue and nearby. And I was surprised! Every company and cafe I visited accepted my flyers. Except one. Caffe del Doge on Unviversity declined my flyers. No problem, I just stop spending 3 Dollar per day for a double espresso there. Even though I have to say honestly that the espresso there is one of the best you can get in Palo Alto. Anyway, next stop: Stanford! Stay tuned for updates.


Cafe Venetia said...

Dear couchtycoon: Caffe del Doge has a policy to accept flyers or information for educational, cultural or non-profit organizations (those non-controversial). Please feel free to email me at if you company fits the category. Part of the reason is that we have limited space for information of this sort. Claudia

CouchTycoon said...

Claudia, thanks for your reply on this post.
It's no problem. I accept your rules. I just wrote about my experience. No flyers - excellent espresso. That's fine with me.

Anonymous said...

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