Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disappointing Los Angeles

At least concerning the potential Venture Poster resellers Los Angeles is definitely disappointing. Seems financial crisis affected Los Angeles much more than San Francisco or Silicon Valley.
Wherever you walk along the streets, Downtown, Melrose Ave, the Gallery District, etc... Most of the shops are full of staff with only a few customers and every third shop or retail space is 'for lease'. WTF?!
If I knew that, I probably would have better stayed in Silicon Valley than to go down to Los Angeles to find resellers for our Bootstrapped Venture poster. Compared with my last visit in Los Angeles it's spooky!
Ok on Hollywood Blvd. and on Sunset there are still a lot of tourists. But as our product isn't a product for tourists, it's really hard to find resellers at the moment. Definitely the best find today was the Bottega Louie, which opened only 8 days ago. A restaurant, cafe and small bakery on Grand Ave, LA.
I'm curious about how many people will be interested in the upcoming indycar race in long beach :)

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