Thursday, April 9, 2009

CouchTycoon Financing Doesn't Stop

I just can't believe it! And I honestly would like to say thank you to every single vendee of our Venture Posters in person. But unfortunately that's impossible. Seriously I didn't excpect that you guys would love our product that much when we started our current roadshow. The team is deeply impressed of this awesome feedback and of constantly increasing sales of Venture Posters of our first edition The Bootstrapped Venture which is intended to raise money for our own startup.
Believe me, we also got very bad feedback concerning our previous trials and approaches of community financing in the past. But every single bad feedback helped us to improve our product! And we love to get feedback. Every kind of feedback. So please keep on sending us your feedback.
Once again: Thank you to all who purchased a Venture Poster so far! It does not only help us to raise money for our own startup. It also shows that you believe in our concept.

1 comment:

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