Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bagman

Like a bagman I walked from office to office these days. To promote our CouchTycoon startup and our new product Venture Poster I thought it would be a nice idea just to drop by at some startup companies to pass out some flyers and to tell a bit about our startup, that we are raising money by selling silkscreen posters and who we are.
And it works! I met NONE who didn't let me in the office - so far;)
No matter if it was,, the Virgin Fund or any other. Just to name a few of them.
I'm pretty curious about what the venture capitalists say, when I'm gonna visit them next week ;)


Anonymous said...

last week our group held a similar discussion about this topic and you show something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Kris

Anonymous said...

I love browsing your blog for the reason that you can constantly get us new and cool things, I think that I ought to at least say a thank you for your hard work.

- Henry