Saturday, March 28, 2009

CouchTycoon Silicon Valley Roadshow

CouchTycoon goes Silicon Valley - for now. Because we have a really amazing new product in the pipeline, the team on behalf of Mr. Idle decided to promote the new product face to face with our potential customers and accordingly investors. From March 24 until April 23 in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
The product isn't finished yet completely but the CouchTycoon himself already went to the San Francisco Bay Area to prepare everything.
Officialy the Roadshow will start when web2.0expo takes place in San Francisco. We are going to promote our product there old style. By passing out flyers for our product and website and by trying to talk to bloggers face to face.
If you are in San Francisco for web2.0expo, Silicon Valley or somewhere in the Bay Area and if you want to meet the CouchTycoon, conect with us on twitter! @CouchTycoon

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