Friday, June 19, 2009

Startup Share Adventure

mybonuz Last Week at the 2009 TechCrunch event in Berlin we met the two startup founders of mybonuz, a twitter mashup which allows users to collect bonus points via Facebook or the iPhone for example. Those users which earn most of the points during a so called mybonuz #adventure will win a prize. Posted rewards can be iTunes gift cards, cars or what ever. A really good idea if you think some steps ahead. This way you could discard your old fashioned plastic bonus cards and start earning bonus points with your iPhone and twitter.

As some of you probably know, the CouchTycoon is very generous;) So we decided to sponsor three of our 100 $ worth Venture Posters for one of the next mybonuz adventures. So if you can't afford a Venture Poster of our first silkscreen poster series called The Bootstrapped Venture, we highly recommend to start participating in mybonus! Your chance to get one of three Venture Posters for free. Grab your startup share and start collecting points on

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Los Angeles Start-up Offices

LA office MySpace When I arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week I was highly motivated that the good feedback I got in San Francisco and Silicon Valley would go on here. But it came not like excpected. There were offices that weren't offices but mailboxes like the MySpace office, there were offices like the Mahalo office where no one opened the door even though I knew that somebody was inside and there were offices like the Hulu office where I could talk to the man at the frontdesk who denied my activities.

Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

What a different world. Well, all the offices I visited were more or less web start-up offices, like the ones in the Bay Area. But here they don't seem to have such an understanding for other start-founders like people have in Silicon Valley.
For short: concerning the roadshow Los Angeles was hell!
Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disappointing Los Angeles

At least concerning the potential Venture Poster resellers Los Angeles is definitely disappointing. Seems financial crisis affected Los Angeles much more than San Francisco or Silicon Valley.
Wherever you walk along the streets, Downtown, Melrose Ave, the Gallery District, etc... Most of the shops are full of staff with only a few customers and every third shop or retail space is 'for lease'. WTF?!
If I knew that, I probably would have better stayed in Silicon Valley than to go down to Los Angeles to find resellers for our Bootstrapped Venture poster. Compared with my last visit in Los Angeles it's spooky!
Ok on Hollywood Blvd. and on Sunset there are still a lot of tourists. But as our product isn't a product for tourists, it's really hard to find resellers at the moment. Definitely the best find today was the Bottega Louie, which opened only 8 days ago. A restaurant, cafe and small bakery on Grand Ave, LA.
I'm curious about how many people will be interested in the upcoming indycar race in long beach :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Plug and Play Tech Center in Redwood City

On my way back to Palo Alto i was nearby the Plug and Play Center in Redwood City. As I often heard about them from different sources I thought it would be a good idea to drop in and to ask what they do and what they can offer. I walked in, stood at the reception and waited for someone who could provide me information about offices to lease and venture capital. But no one was there until a 'Quasimodo in a rush' came from another room, didn't really take notice about me, grabed something from a desk and wanted to leave the reception again. But he seemed to take notice about me because suddenly he looked at me and said nothing. Nothing. He only starred at me. I said 'hi' and he still didn't say anything. In german I thought 'is scho recht' but I asked him about a representative from Plug and Play. He still didn't say a word, so I thought a conversation wouldn't make sense with this guy and went to the door. Suddenly he began to speak. 'Do you want to steal anything?' I understood and looked at him. He repeated his words and asked me 'do you want to sell anything?', 'no, I wanted to get information about Plug and Play Tech Center. But I don't want to disturb.' And I actually left the great and customer-friendly Plug and Play Center in Redwood City without any information and without any intention to come back there anymore.
Do they want to establish the German way?!?! What's their plan? Do they have so much success that they don't have to be friendly anymore? I don't know and I dont't want to know anything else about them. Every venture capital firm I visited was 10 times friendlier than they are. Last time when I met such unfriendly people was before I arrived in the US.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

CouchTycoon Financing Doesn't Stop

I just can't believe it! And I honestly would like to say thank you to every single vendee of our Venture Posters in person. But unfortunately that's impossible. Seriously I didn't excpect that you guys would love our product that much when we started our current roadshow. The team is deeply impressed of this awesome feedback and of constantly increasing sales of Venture Posters of our first edition The Bootstrapped Venture which is intended to raise money for our own startup.
Believe me, we also got very bad feedback concerning our previous trials and approaches of community financing in the past. But every single bad feedback helped us to improve our product! And we love to get feedback. Every kind of feedback. So please keep on sending us your feedback.
Once again: Thank you to all who purchased a Venture Poster so far! It does not only help us to raise money for our own startup. It also shows that you believe in our concept.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flyers in Palo Alto

I started this morning as I'm used to start my mornings in Palo Alto. With a double espresso at Starbucks.
But later on I started passing out my flyers for our startup and its product Venture Poster in Downtown Palo Alto. I went from office to office, from start-up companies like Facebook to venture capital firms like Garage Technology Ventures and to cafes and restaurants on University Avenue and nearby. And I was surprised! Every company and cafe I visited accepted my flyers. Except one. Caffe del Doge on Unviversity declined my flyers. No problem, I just stop spending 3 Dollar per day for a double espresso there. Even though I have to say honestly that the espresso there is one of the best you can get in Palo Alto. Anyway, next stop: Stanford! Stay tuned for updates.

Silkscreen Posters Are Printed!

Wow, our first edition of silkscreen posters to raise money for a startup is actually printed and ready for shipping!
I'm so curious about to see them. Unfortunately I'm not gonna receive them until I'm here in Palo Alto but its also good to receive them next week in Los Angeles. However all vendees from the Bay Area will get their poster delivered by the founder himself after my week in Los Angeles. Please be patient;)
Those who haven't purchased a Venture Poster yet, can still do that! Buy The Bootstrapped Venture poster!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Venture Poster auf ebay und DaWanda

Wer möchte, kann sich sein Venture Poster zur Startup Finanzierung nun auch auf ebay oder DaWanda holen! Das bringt einige Vorteile. Denn nun ist auch Überweisung oder Barzahlung bei persönlicher Lieferung möglich.
Wer also gerne bei ebay oder DaWanda einkauft, bitte hier entlang: zum Artikel auf ebay Deutschland oder auf DaWanda

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bagman

Like a bagman I walked from office to office these days. To promote our CouchTycoon startup and our new product Venture Poster I thought it would be a nice idea just to drop by at some startup companies to pass out some flyers and to tell a bit about our startup, that we are raising money by selling silkscreen posters and who we are.
And it works! I met NONE who didn't let me in the office - so far;)
No matter if it was,, the Virgin Fund or any other. Just to name a few of them.
I'm pretty curious about what the venture capitalists say, when I'm gonna visit them next week ;)

New Poster Design

Dear CouchTycoons,
as you probably took notice of, we changed the design for our first Venture Poster which is supposed to finance the first startup. Our own startup.
We did that because when we started our survey about which poster we should take the majority voted for the third version. But more and more people voted for the second design and finally the current poster design (the one you see on our website now) actually got most of the votes. And because we understand ourselves as a public company who listens to the users carefully, we had to change the design again. Just in time, before our great artist Dan Ibarra started printing. Thanks again, Dan!
You can see all of the great designs again here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Venture Poster Sold!

A couple of minutes ago the first CouchTycoon purchased the first Venture Poster from The Bootstrapped Venture edition! That's awesome! Thank you so much to the friendly guy from Germany!

Fund My Startup

"Fund My Startup" is the short but significant message on the flyers I was passing out the whole day long. Today for the first time. And I can tell you, this is really exhausting! Difficult to advert to our community financing startup with flyers because most the time people are stressed out on such an event like web2.0expo. Or they pretend to be stressed out. But to be honest I expected more competing promotion girls;)
Some people which accepted my flyer even asked me about our community financing startup and the Bootstrapped Venture, which is supposed to finance our own startup.
However tomorrow is a new day at web2.0expo with (hopefully) new visitors!

Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

Monday, March 30, 2009

TechCrunch Office Palo Alto

techcrunch office palo alto I seriously spent the whole Sunday morning on searching the TechCrunch office in Palo Alto. I just knew that it should be anywhere on Lytton. But I couldn't find it driving Lytton up and down. It's tricky because the photo published on TechCrunch is actually the photo of the office AND the office is on Lytton BUT it's in the back of the main building on Lytton. I'm lucky about my succeed and I wonder about how big it is! Wow such a big office for 'a blog'. Not bad!

Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Facebook Office

After I went from Palo Alto to San Francisco with Caltrain, I picked my car at Dollar and went back to Palo Alto. I decided to book my car downtown San Francisco because rental fees are much higher at airport car rentals than at city locations. And as I need the car for the whole roadshow (1 month) it's definitely much cheaper in total to book the car elsewhere than at the airport. Btw, if you see my Palo Alto office - the official CouchTycoon flagship store - anywhere in Silicon Valley, don't hesitate to ask me for a Venture Poster! CouchTycoon office:

Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

Anyway, back to Palo Alto cruised through Hamilton Ave. and found the facebook office. I think this will be one of the locations to advertise for our new product called Venture Poster. I'm curious about if they let me inside the office or if I have to pass out my flyers (which I brought with me from Germany) outside the office. After lunch break for example, when employees come back from their lunch.
Actually I was looking for the new TechCrunch office which is supposed to be on Lytton. But I couldnot find it until now.
MEANWHILE I FOUND IT ;) it IS on lytten but in the back of the main building. If you just look for what can be seen on the pic, you'll never find it :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

CouchTycoon Silicon Valley Roadshow

CouchTycoon goes Silicon Valley - for now. Because we have a really amazing new product in the pipeline, the team on behalf of Mr. Idle decided to promote the new product face to face with our potential customers and accordingly investors. From March 24 until April 23 in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
The product isn't finished yet completely but the CouchTycoon himself already went to the San Francisco Bay Area to prepare everything.
Officialy the Roadshow will start when web2.0expo takes place in San Francisco. We are going to promote our product there old style. By passing out flyers for our product and website and by trying to talk to bloggers face to face.
If you are in San Francisco for web2.0expo, Silicon Valley or somewhere in the Bay Area and if you want to meet the CouchTycoon, conect with us on twitter! @CouchTycoon

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CouchTycoon starts roadshow with plenty of space

The CouchTycoon boarded even before business class did. With even more space than business class offers. So i could save the 500 $ for the upgrade they offered at checkin. Plenty of space and the bar around the corner - the roadshow could not start much better!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CeBIT 2009

CeBIT 2009
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von couchtycoon
mal alles für die CeBIT 2009 herrichten. nicht, dass die landeier ohne karten in hannover ankommen.

meet the CouchTycoon at CeBit: