Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cool Start-up Find: PasswordBird

Just found a quite helpful start-up called PasswordBird, that allows you to automatically create save passwords just by entering some basic information about yourself. Enter a "special" word, name and date and the PasswordBird creates your new and secure password. Mr. Idle thinks that this venture is a very helpful tool if you are also one of these guys spending 16 or more hours a day on the web:) So of course Mr. Idle would dig out some bugs as a micro investment in PasswordBird.
via: yesthat

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cool Start-up Find: ScreenToaster

On TechCrunch, Mr. Idle detected a cool start-up called This is a really good solution for bloggers and other start-ups who want to create demos or tutorials for example. ScreenToaster is a product of an European start-up called Iteria which is based in Paris, France.
If someone asked Mr. Idle about an investment or mutual micro investment, I´m sure he would have done it! Mr. Idle loves using ScreenToaster!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Startup Find Of The Day:

A few days ago I detected a recently funded start-up called which seems to offer something similar like (a german mail start-up by Daniel Giersch, which is definitely not associated with Google) does.
But to be honest, again I like the US version of these quite similar start-ups much more. Though there is still an investment opportunity for I´d definitely prefer an investment in earthclassmail. They seem to have the better approach to solve the problem.