Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the google street view car...

the google street view car
Urspr├╝nglich hochgeladen von couchtycoon
...is exploring the streets of hamburg. hot venture ;) if street view were a start-up, it would be dead before it could really start. i can´t imagine, why german people are so averse to google´s street view. mr. idle likes it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Startup Find Of The Day: stocktwits.com

"What are you trading?" is StockTwits asking you. Like twitter.com asks you "What are you doing?" I think there is nothing more to explain.. Follow CouchTycoon on StockTwits.com and learn more. But to be honest, I guess Mr. Idle wouldn´t do any micro investment on that start-up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Startup Find Of The Day: totspot.com

Even the totspot.com start-up was founded in january this year, and they got press on TechCrunch twice, I found them yesterday. Weird, I know. I like the idea of blogging about my kid (if I had one). I´m just asking myself why noone seems to do that. There are several blogging tools and websites on the web that enable parents to "blog their kids" but noone does. Maybe parents do not trust in the web?! I´ve no clue. I love the idea and I´m sure if any startup of them which "bring your baby online" asked Mr. Idle about an investment he would do a micro investment at least.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Google Analytics For iPhone

Finally! This is what I expected from Google themselves. To make Google Analytics visible on iPhones. It´s always difficult to get website statistics from Analytics on the iPhone. But Google doesn´t seem to care about that. Most the times Safari crashes when I tried to access the Analytics account. Now a start-up called www.iphone-analytics.de offers an app via the iTunes App Store that allows us to get our statistics on the iPhone. Thank you - great venture!
But to be honest. If the guys from iPhone-analytics.de asked Mr. Idle to invest, he wouldn´t do it. Because this seems to be a short business. Some day Google will come out with an own application or someone else will do the same for free.

Monday, October 6, 2008

TechCrunch.com Find Of The Day: fring.com

wow! when we found the post of the fring.com startup on TechCrunch, we were really happy. Finally we are able to twitter, skype and gtalk on our iPhones. And even more. Yes, you can also make normal VoIP (SIP) calls through your regular SIP provider like A1 (Austrian network operator), VoipBuster, etc. fring really helps the team on behalf of Mr. Idle to co-work with our international team members more effectively.
If anyone of the fring.com startup asked Mr. Idle for an investment, he would have done it.