Monday, March 3, 2008

AllPeers Service Shutting Down Today

Mr. Idle just took notice about this article on the official AllPeers Blog as well as on
Peer Pressure » AllPeers Service Shutting Down Today:
"AllPeers Service Shutting Down Today
Monday March 03rd 2008, 4:25 pm
Filed under:AllPeers, Firefox
Posted By: Matt and Cedric

It is with deep regret that we inform our users, friends and fans that we will be shutting down the AllPeers service today. We are tremendously proud of the product that our team has built, and we remain convinced of the potential of adding social features like file sharing to the web browser. However, we have not achieved the kind of growth in our user base that our investors were expecting, and as a result we are not able to continue operating the service."

As enthusiastic user Mr. Idle wants to keep AllPeers alive! If you are interested to invest too, just vote here:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Simkl Blog » About: "For those who don’t know about us - until April 2007 our team has been developing a web portal A.UA which has an audience of One Million users every month (currently 983`359 people for the last 30 days to be precise). And we decided that it was time to expand and show the world our new ideas. So now for the last 6 month we were developing a brand new website and web services for our global audience. We believe that Internet has just started to become what it should be - simple, well designed, contain information about everything, accessible on any computer and any device and be a personal helper in everyday life and business. That is how a new website was born, cause Simkl - is always simple!" - Radio 2.0

1000MIKES: a German start-up in "closed alpha" as they say..."Live-Berichte hören oder selber machen.

Unsere User berichten live von Sportereignissen, von politischen und privaten Events, sie interviewen, kommentieren und unterhalten.

Von jedem Telefon aus live ins Internet."