Monday, December 3, 2007

CouchTycoon Project "PotBag" on Ebay To Go

Today CouchTycoon launches "Asset Slips To Go". Based on Ebay To Go you can purchase real Asset Slip Prints that can be converted into digital, marketable Asset Slips on during Initial Couch Offering (ICO) period. Asset Slip Prints basically represent NO RIGHTS of ownership. They are solely intended to be used as souvenier. But together with the purchase of Asset Slip Prints the purchaser gets a voucher with a unique code that allows the buyer to convert the quantity of bought Asset Slip Prints into digital Asset Slips. Purchasing Asset Slips this way brings a lot of advantages.

  • Buy Asset Slips as a present for someone else!
  • Buy Asset Slips with your Creditcard!
  • Get a real certificate of your investment!
Due to this feature is just a test so far, only Asset Slips of the PotBag project can be bought via Ebay To Go.

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