Saturday, October 6, 2007

Private Chicken Test II starting today

Dear friendly private beta testers,
thank you for testing the CouchTycoon site during september! Today the second round with much more users is starting.
Meanwhile Mr. Idle selected three real projects the team on behalf of Mr. Idle has prepared. You will find three completely different projects you can buy Asset Slips from.

The first and probably most exciting project is called POTBAG. It is a kind of venture capital project for poker tourneys. Investors can buy Asset Slips (Shares) from the POTBAG project to finance the project. What POTBAG does with the money is, to select the best pokerplayer via a small webbased poker tourney and sending the winner of this competition to a big real poker tourney on the Bahamas. This pokerplayer participates the tourney on behalf of POTBAG to finish the tourney at a rank that receives price money. The price money will be shared between the player (30 %) and POTBAG (70 %). So investors can earn money with poker without playing poker!

An other innovative micro project is fonfund. Fonfund has already raised the required money to buy, install and operate a wifi-hardware for one year at a frequently visited place. That´s a very cool way to participate in the success of! Because fonfund earns 1,5 $ per ticket an "Alien" user buys at the fonfund operated hotspot. If this business modell will work, fonfund will raise more money in a second round to operate much more hotspots!

The third project called containance is a standard project. It shall demonstrate that normal investments definitely will make sense to be listed on CouchTycoon. It´s the shared investment in cargo/logistics/container business. Containance buys 3 containers at the investment company P&R in germany. The minimum amount to invest there is aprox. 10k $. And because hardly a student has got 10k $ to do such an investment alone and to participate in higher ROI than at his bank, containance shares this investment. Everybody can buy Asset Slips from containance to participate in this investment and to earn the rental fees of these 3 containers.

So please visit CouchTycoon now, buy some CouchChips and participate in your favorite project!
Good Luck, Mr. Idle!

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Great post! You should definitely follow up on this topic :P