Thursday, August 2, 2007

Finally the LogoSauce competitions can start!

Let´s start the next competitions. The very next will be the one for "action fields" on the CouchTycoon game board.
Here once again the original text of the competition posted on
(NOTICE: Mr. Idle will only accept submissions that will be submitted through! He won´t accept any direct submissions.)


Couchtycoon is a Friends n Family Ventures Network for trading, starting up and managing ventures. Doing real business as easy as playing Monopoly. The "friends and family" put ideas into action.

Please find details about CouchTycoon bellow or take a look @


The website follows the concept of a monopoly board. While doing business @ CouchTycoon users move on the virtual gameboard.

Please design action-field-symbols for the CouchTycoon gamboard.

The four action fields:

- Bank (user accesses his CouchAccount with functionality like money exchange)

- Jail (if a user goes to Jail he is excluded from trading for a couple of days)

- Start (the game token representing the user is placed on the start field when the user is entereing the homepage)

- Exchange (shares are traded here)

- Help (by clicking the help field the user accesses the help features)

Please check for a scribble of the gameboard.

Basic data:

The competition is open from 2nd of August until the 15th of August.

The winner takes USD 200.- in Couchchips (find details stated below in item 5)

Please ask any kind of question via mail (

Please include the other CouchTycoon competitions in your design:

Thank You!

Additional information:

The idea of CouchTycoon:
CouchTycoon is a pioneering internet project. Couchtycoon is Friends n Family Venture Network.

It enables entrepreneurs to raise money for innovative projects on the one hand and enables Investors to participate in the success and growth of promising on- and offline-projects from zero hour on. As a result all the participating web people represent a "Friends n Family Network"

Please Check for information about the project.

Website keywords:
community enabled, community managed, friends n family, venture network, playful, real game, investment, couch, profit, pocket money investment, tycoon, rags-to-riches, startup

Prize money in CouchChips:

The prize money is payed in CouchChips which is the Currency of CouchTycoon it is investable in every traded project at CouchTycoon. Of course the bought shares can be sold without a holding period and changed in USD again. The CouchChips are transferred to your CouchAccount immediately after the launch of CouchTycoon in September. Of course we hope that you stay seeded @ the couch!
The competition winner will aswell be featured @ CouchTycoon.

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