Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some words about Mr. Idle´s spirit

Our Venture is still in development and we did´t any marketing yet. But some of you are already asking what exactly we are doing. So here are some words about our spirit and what we are going to build.

Mr. idle (the dynamic guy on the couch) doesn´t not want to sit on his couch any longer to read about any big deal his big rival rupert murdoch did, about any startup google recently grabbed or “the next big thing” any blog favors. He can do the same kind of deals as a community member of CouchTycoon. CouchTycoon enables anyone to participate in such deals or startups. Both investors and entrepreneurs. The community is going to enable Mr. idle as an investor for example to invest in “the next big thing” or in the acquisition of the empire state building starting at an amount of approx. 5 usd. On the other side CouchTycoon enables you as entrepreneurs starting a new business or a big deal within the Community as an alternative to talk to 20 venture capitalists, asking your grandmother or funding at prosper. As part of the couch community Mr. idle is smarter than rupert, he can mobilize more money and he has got a larger network.
However you can become a CouchTycoon as a serious investor or to have fun playing the "monopoly2.0"

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