Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mr. Idle - how it began

Since we received our logo we think about how the man sitting on the couch could be called.
A few days ago we received an invitation for a birthdayparty from someone we know - we didn´t hear anything from that person for several years! But that was the moment we found the perfect name! We decided to call him "Mr. Idle"

It is a tribute to the artist-tecno legend formerly known as Mr. Iedl now staying where the black dog is barking.

By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is your digital gift. The time will show if it is a small gift or if it will become a huge one.

Now Rupert´s new archenemy is born. From now Mr. Idle will represent the CouchFamily as a kind of a president. Every deal the CouchFamily does, every step CouchTycoon will go - it will be done by Mr. Idle. Maybe the next Forbes´ #1.

BlueHorseShoe and Couchinator

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