Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Original posts before using a "real" blog


For the few out there tracing the developments of our project we are summarizing our progresses in this kind of a weblog microsoft enables us with our basic-package of "office live". by the way, a phantasitc tool;)

Est. May 11th 2007!

The company that will provide all services of CouchTycoon.com was established today.

Hamburg, May 11th 2007

We´d Like to Invite You to Tell Us Your Opinion!

Every day we want to give you two new ideas for projects the CouchTycoon.com community could put into action.

Please visit our Poll

Hamburg, May 7th 2007


Many thanks to "domco" who decided to join us today! We are now looking forward to be able to show you a first version of our comprehensive tool soon...

Hamburg, May 5th 2007

THE First Project!

Today we found the perfect project we want to launch at CouchTycoon.com first. It meets all requirements a project has to have to become financed and to become done via CouchTycoon.com. Next to be able to take part on a great investment opportunity as well this projcet will show what kind of performance, power, enthusiasm, dynamics and efficiency a web-community can get and what will be the result of this.

Hamburg, April 20th 2007

Logosauce works!

Great to see our second proposal on our Logosauce competition. We hardly couldn´t believe it...

Hamburg, April 16th 2007

One more Job

We just took notice about the demand of a lawyer.

Hamburg, April 14th 2007


Next to our competition finding the best available logo proposal, we posted some more vacancies. Obviosly one of the most important is the one as webdesigner!

Hamburg, April 12th 2007

Logo CompetitionCouchTycoon.com launches it´s competition to create the best logo at LogoSauce.com

Hamburg, April 9th 2007

CouchWikiToday, we´ve just started our CouchWiki which will give answers to all questions about us. At the moment it´s used as a project guide for ourselfes.

Hamburg, March 20th 2007