Friday, June 19, 2009

Startup Share Adventure

mybonuz Last Week at the 2009 TechCrunch event in Berlin we met the two startup founders of mybonuz, a twitter mashup which allows users to collect bonus points via Facebook or the iPhone for example. Those users which earn most of the points during a so called mybonuz #adventure will win a prize. Posted rewards can be iTunes gift cards, cars or what ever. A really good idea if you think some steps ahead. This way you could discard your old fashioned plastic bonus cards and start earning bonus points with your iPhone and twitter.

As some of you probably know, the CouchTycoon is very generous;) So we decided to sponsor three of our 100 $ worth Venture Posters for one of the next mybonuz adventures. So if you can't afford a Venture Poster of our first silkscreen poster series called The Bootstrapped Venture, we highly recommend to start participating in mybonus! Your chance to get one of three Venture Posters for free. Grab your startup share and start collecting points on

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Los Angeles Start-up Offices

LA office MySpace When I arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week I was highly motivated that the good feedback I got in San Francisco and Silicon Valley would go on here. But it came not like excpected. There were offices that weren't offices but mailboxes like the MySpace office, there were offices like the Mahalo office where no one opened the door even though I knew that somebody was inside and there were offices like the Hulu office where I could talk to the man at the frontdesk who denied my activities.

Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

What a different world. Well, all the offices I visited were more or less web start-up offices, like the ones in the Bay Area. But here they don't seem to have such an understanding for other start-founders like people have in Silicon Valley.
For short: concerning the roadshow Los Angeles was hell!
Von CouchTycoon Roadshow

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disappointing Los Angeles

At least concerning the potential Venture Poster resellers Los Angeles is definitely disappointing. Seems financial crisis affected Los Angeles much more than San Francisco or Silicon Valley.
Wherever you walk along the streets, Downtown, Melrose Ave, the Gallery District, etc... Most of the shops are full of staff with only a few customers and every third shop or retail space is 'for lease'. WTF?!
If I knew that, I probably would have better stayed in Silicon Valley than to go down to Los Angeles to find resellers for our Bootstrapped Venture poster. Compared with my last visit in Los Angeles it's spooky!
Ok on Hollywood Blvd. and on Sunset there are still a lot of tourists. But as our product isn't a product for tourists, it's really hard to find resellers at the moment. Definitely the best find today was the Bottega Louie, which opened only 8 days ago. A restaurant, cafe and small bakery on Grand Ave, LA.
I'm curious about how many people will be interested in the upcoming indycar race in long beach :)